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We started back in 8th of August 2015 by
We started back in 8th of August 2015 by

Our award-winning professional team of groomers are competitive locally and international. Having classed certification of various Kennel Associations from Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

We started back in 8th of August 2015 by

Ming Quan is our head groomer. With over 10 years experience in the pet grooming industry, he knows exactly what is the best for pets. He won international awards for pet beauty competitions.


He guides all the staff with his expertise. His overwhelming passion and love for pets is what keeps Pawsitive Image, keeping its positive image.

Ivy has over half a decade of pet grooming experience, she’s extremely meticulous when it comes to grooming your fur kids. 


Ivy plays an important role in being a team player. Pomeranians and poodles are her forte, rest assured that they are in good hands.

Our Team

Our Groomer's Certificates

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