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Pawsitive Image offers a luxurious Nano Bubble Sea Salt Spa which uses Ozone Infused Nano technology, as well as our signature Ayurveda Green Tea Spa for healthier skin and fur. Recommended for deep cleansing, moisturizing and de-stressing. 

*All spa items are guaranteed organic, as only serve the best for your pets.


grooming packages

We provide the best convenience for our clients. All our grooming packages include free transport and lavish top-grade shampoo and conditioner. Choose between our weekly, fortnightly, monthly and bi-monthly packages.

*Dental care, spa and treatment applicable only to specific packages.

cat grooming

We offer both basic and full grooming packages for our fabulous felines. Cats are highly advised to go do grooming especially for medium and long haired types as they require certain maintenance.

ala carte services

Nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth polishing, spa services, medicated bath and several other services offered for ala-carte. Terms and conditions apply.