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3 Steps To Reduce Dog Separation Anxiety

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

  1. Change your routine - Dogs are attentive creatures. They are observing your activities constantly especially habits before leaving home. Make changes to daily routines to reduce the chances that your dog associate a series of actions that you repeat daily. For example, getting your house keys and leave home or putting on the shoes before leaving home, make tweak to routine steps. It will work to slowly reduce your dog’s separation anxiety.

  2. Do not reinforce bad behavior - Dog separation anxiety can be treated, but you must remove the connection you have with them before you leave and upon your arrival. Practice ignoring your dog for a minimum of 10 minutes when you get home and avoid petting it before you leave home. Your dog will grab your attention during these times but you must ignore them for their own good. You may also create a secure place for your dog to stay while your away.

  3. Cut expectation - A dog’s separation anxiety can be removed by altering its expectations. This includes the length of time that you will be away. As you see your dog getting anxious as you head for the door, you can always choose to extend your departure or leave the house at shorter intervals, then come back. Your dog will no longer be as anxious because they often see you coming back in a short period. Repeat the above process a couple of times to achieve better outcome.

Treating separation anxiety helps to reinforcing the dog physical and mental health.The steps above like changing your movement patterns and to ignore the dog’s attention seeking efforts is a way to reinforce good behavior that your dog will recognize – after all you are your pet’s alpha.

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