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5 Common Cause of Skin Problems

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The last thing that every pet owners to see is their pet having skin problem issue. We will look at 5 common skin problem cause in pets.

1. Fleas – Fleas and allergies are very bad for the health of dogs. A flea can spread allergies and could create serious skin problems. Use of flea prevention product to treat your dog and the surrounding areas where your dog spends most of the time.

2. Mange – Mange is a kind of skin disease among dogs which is caused by mites. It can happen all seasons throughout the year. Some possible sign of Mange is hair loss, bald spot, sores etc. and this depends on the species of present on the dog. Check with your local veterinarian to find out more.

3. Food Allergies – Food allergies among dogs basically come mainly from protein foods like beef, dairy, chicken, and eggs. The sign of food allergy include very itchy skin on face, ears, feet and sometimes vomiting. For diagnosis, the veterinarian will provide elimination trial test during which it is important to control a strict diet recommended by the veterinarian.

4. Environmental Allergies – Environmental allergies are often treated as a matter of exclusion. This type of allergies are typically seasonal, genetics and usually occur in young dogs less than three years old. Pollen, grass or dust causes itching on the face, feet, ears, chest and tummy areas. This allergies can be managed with the help of medication, environment changes and diets that suit the dog.

5. Dandruff – Dandruff is usually caused by dry skin or skin irritation. The coat and skin of the dog are constantly shed to remove presence of too much dandruff in the skin. The quality of food reflect in their skin and for good skin condition a high protein diet is recommended. Dogs diet should contain suitable amount of protein for individual species and sizes.

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