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Helping Your Fat Pet Lose Weight!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It might surprise you to learn that 33% of owners of overweight dogs are unaware that it has become a problem. A simple test to check if your pooch is getting too meaty is to feel of his rib cage with the palm of your hand. If you can’t feel individual ribs, there’s a chance it is getting a little fatter. An overweight dog is more susceptible to diseases like diabetes and cancer, so to give your dog a long, healthy life, keeping a healthy weight is important.

3 Steps guide to reduce overweight issues:-

  1. Toss the table scraps - Do not feed human food to your pet when they are begging beside that dining table, feed them either kibbles or fresh food prepared without any condiment.

  2. Pet Treats and food intake - Monitor closely the food intake of your pet, feed pet treats in moderation with small quantity and intervals.

  3. Plenty of exercise - Dogs need exercising too, if possible try to give plenty of sidewalks to give your dog a good daily workout, this help build up immunity and muscle of pet.

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